Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Warning! You may feel dumber after reading this post...

Yesterday my friend posted about the warning on her jar of peanuts which was 'this jar may contain peanuts.' duh. She has given me the push I needed to post my list of warnings I have been collecting.  So here goes.

WARNING: This toy is suitable for all ages, but it is also a toy, and thus kind of a weird thing to buy a grown woman. Your best case scenario is that she adds this to an existing teddy bear collection, in which case you are dating someone with an existing teddy bear collection.

  • A little over a week ago, Ken and I bought a space heater for our bedroom. The warning on that giant thing was do not use in bed. Scoot over Ken! We're putting this thing right in bed us. Who would do that?  Obviously, somebody would. They would also complain to the company about it. That is why there is a label on there.  
  • On the Washable, no run, Elmer's School Glue there is a caution: Do not dry clean.  Here's a bonus one from Dedra: Don't fix anything you have to dry clean with Elmer's glue!
  • There was a side note attached to the globe I received for Christmas. Not intended for use in an educational setting.
  • On my curling iron: for external use only. ummm... 
  • On my hair dryer: Do not use in the shower. Do not use while sleeping.
  • One a box of Midol PMS: Do not use if you have prostate problem. [If you have PMS and a prostate, you have bigger problems to deal with, than what drugs you are taking for your cramps.]
  • On a digital thermometer:Do not use orally after using rectally.
  • On a shower cap: Fits one head.
  • On a TV remote control: Not dishwasher safe.
So, there you have it.  Those are labels I've seen lately. I know there are more and I may do another post about this subject at a later date.

I'm sure you've seen this picture before, but just in case you haven't...


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