Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Mail

I received a package of awesomeness in the mail last week, one that deserves it's own special post.  Here is most of the loot I was gifted.

giant post it notes! 8 inches by 6 inches
see my can opener as an example.
13 fat quarters! [I'm never going to get my stash below 400 yards...]
A book of insults. 
There's a test below. 
See if you can figure them out.
***edited to add...forget the test. I didn't notice the bad words.  

more fabric scraps.
Obligatory cat fabric which we include in every package we send each other. [Not this specific fabric, but something not cute--with cats on it.]
Homemade cinnamon hardtack candy.
A bowl she made. 
I'm using it to store pins when I'm not sewing, and as a thread catcher when I am sewing.

Kate also sent a little present for each of the kids. 
Matthew refers to her town as Butt-ler. 
We ate the Swedish chocolate in about 5 seconds.

Thank Kate! I love love loved it! 
I'm going to make you something special ed very soon.

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