Saturday, January 12, 2013

rearranging work spaces

This week my friend, Carie, gave me a desk with a hutch on it. I immediately started cleaning out my sewing mess. It was completely out of control, so I'd been sorting through it for a few days already. 

Before the new desk. It's messy right? I'm embarrassed to tell you it looks really good compared to what it typically is. 

After the rearranging. You'll notice my WIP (Works in Progress) wall had to be taken down, but have no fear. I've moved it and it's now bigger.  

This is the wall where my sewing cupboards where. I am using a king sized flannel sheet this time. I love that I have more space and I also love that the blocks stick right to the sheet without having to be pinned.

Anna likes it too.  She was designing quilt blocks today.

The two blocks on the left where rearranged. The blocks on the right, I had already sewn together.

I did my best to keep the blocks looking the way she put them on the wall. I did make a couple of small  changed, so they would be able to squared up without losing her design.

These are all her blocks so far. It's going to be an awesome quilt. 


Amy N. said...

I totally dig Anna's quilt. I would let her design one for me. No joke.

cwarren said...

I must say, your work space is quite impressive!

Vanessa said...

That looks like a fantastic work space. Maybe if I had something that awesome I would go back to making quilts. I haven't made one for a very long time. Very cool.

Kate said...

the pics of Anna are my favorite. I love to see what my kids come up with. even if it is putting all the scraps in a pile and jumping in it. i am envious of the space you have. :( emotion-cons dont work here. boo hoo

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