Monday, January 7, 2013

Memory Monday

I have been picking up a bunch of girls and one boy from seminary the last few days. Every time I pull into the parking lot at the end of the meeting, I can't help but remember my years in seminary.

I loved seminary. So much. I hardly ever missed. I loved it so much, my mom would threaten to not let me go if I didn't get certain chores done. You can judge her for that if you choose, but it worked. I always got those chores done.

Here are some things that have not changed:

  • People dressed in all typed of attire exit the church after seminary...pajamas, sweats, jeans and t-shirts, and more.
  • Kids park their cars where ever they want. It's like they pull in, think that's good enough and put the car in park. {I noticed this more at the beginning of the school year, but there are still a couple who drive to the beat of their own drum. Or park, rather.}
  • There is a meeting after the meeting. Kids standing around talking in the parking lot before they go to their separate schools. When I was a kid, our seminary classes departed to two different high schools as well.
  • You can see the love of the gospel in the eyes of the youth leaving the church and heading to school.
Here are some memories from my years in seminary:
  • When I was in Silverdale 3rd ward, for all of two weeks of seminary, we carpooled from the church to the school. My parents drove one of those weeks and my mom and dad brought us hot pizza to eat in the car on our way to school.
  • When the parking lot at the Nels Nelson building was icy, we would drive fast and slam on our breaks to see if the car would spin out.  Those driving standards had better luck.
  • I could fit 9 people in my Dad's Buick, a 5 passenger car.
  • I could hit 85 mph, before I passed the Strong's home at the top of Nels Nelson, leaving me just enough time to slow down before coming to the 4 way stop.
  • My seminary teacher my junior year raised sheep.  She would come to seminary late sometimes because ewes were birthing through the night. They named all their female lambs names that had ewe in it. ewenicorn, ewe light up my life, etc.
  • That same year, we all met at her home for the last seminary before Christmas and she and her husband made us breakfast. Those of us who didn't drive, all piled into her big truck and got a ride to school.
  • I was not a kind student to my teacher my sophomore year. Partly because we had a personality conflict, mostly because I was a brat. It's too bad I have no idea where to find her. I would apologize.
  • My senior year, we met at my teacher's house. I sat in front of the piano, on the floor, every day.
  • I was so good at scripture mastery my sophomore year, on the night of scripture chase, I used a brand new Book of Mormon and had 100% accuracy.
  • I didn't know one scripture mastery scripture my Senior year.  That's another thing I'd do over.
I went all 4 years with mostly the same group of friends. There were some falling outs along the way, but for the most part, I loved every minute of it. I'm happy to see Nicole having that same kind of experience so far.

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