Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 1

Introduce, recent picture of myself and 15 interesting facts about Moi.

Hola, I'm Dedra. and I'm a Mormon. I've been married for almost 15 years to mi esposo, Ken. I'm a mom of 3 awesome kids, I work full time as a care giver for developmentally delayed adults, and I really like it. I'm the mom who enjoys being out of the house working and for the most part, I don't feel guilty about it. It makes me a better mom.

Recent Picture of myself: not the highest quality shot ever taken but I like it. It was taken 1-29-2012.

15 interesting facts about me! [You probably already know most of these]

  1. I hate cats.
  2. I'm number 4 of 8 siblings, 1 of 4 girls, and my Dad's favorite.
  3. I love brushing my teeth. Spicy toothpaste is the best. I also love mouthwash that burns my gums.
  4. People who chew their gum (and/or food) loudly make me physically nauseated and I gag and/or throw up.
  5. I work swing and graveyard shift at work. (That is why I am up at 4am writing this blog. I don't sleep at night.)
  6. I am a seamstress.
  7. I was just put in the Primary presidency in my ward. 3rd time in 8 years. I'm bound to get it right soon.
  8. I'm a blog stalker. Even if we aren't friends. Even if we were once friends and aren't anymore.
  9. I'm not a psycho.
  10. I have anxiety and OCD. Everyday is party.
  11. I take many things personally, get over them quickly, and never think about it again.
  12. My memory is short. This is why I'm so good at keeping secrets. I forget them.
  13. I'm the ward organist. Not the best one but certainly not the worst. I never make prelude sounds like it's coming from the circus. {But I know someone who does!}
  14. Red has been my favorite color for years but I think it's being replaced by purple and cornflower blue.
  15. In High School I failed English 3 times. Don't judge my grammar. gracias.

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