Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 20


  • Growing up I was called bug. My Dad still calls me Bug sometimes.
  • Ryan calls me scrub.
  • A few of my siblings, Ken, and some of my friends call me Ded. (Deed)

I love being called Ded, I HATE HATE HATE being called Dee. Do not do it. I can't fake being nice about it. If Dedra is too hard for you (2 syllables can be a mouthful) I don't care if you call me Ded.

  • Ken also calls me Dedra with a hick accent. Although this is not a nickname, it makes me laugh. Everytime. Even if I'm ticked off.
  • A gal at work who doesn't speak with the best of speech calls me zebra. It makes my heart smile every time. I call her giraffe a lot.
  • My aunts and uncles called me Deder or Dederbug when I was little also. I have a couple that still do. I like it.
So I think that's it!

1 comment:

Kate said...

what about turd ferguson?

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