Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 5

A song to match my mood.

Today is kind of tricky. I've spent way too much time looking at songs to find the perfect one and I know that only about 20% of you are going to watch the video. (Ps, that's one person. Thanks Dad.) Since I know he's the only one who's probably going to listen to it, that automatically means I can't feel like the Copacabana or being irreplaceable. I love songs from Wicked, I could put the song 'Popular' on, but I don't really feel that way right now, and if you call me, you can hear it anyway. It's my ring back. I seriously LOVE Neil Diamond, and although much of what I say, I consider a Beautiful Noise, do you, 5 readers? Do you even admit that you read this blog? Do you comment? No? That is no bueno.

Okay, I seem to get off track a lot on this here thing. I asked Ken what song I should use and he said 'Pink Elephants on Parade' from Dumbo. This is another reason why he is fired. His next suggestion was a song from Shania Twain, this is why I'm leaving for the night...also, I have to work graveyard.

So, without any further whatever, here's my song. It's kind of my theme song as I go around trying to offend people and I do 'wake up every evening with a big smile on my face.' Enjoy. ps, It does have a swear word..one of my favorites in fact, about 100 times. Don't judge, you weren't going to click anyway. It's my blog and I can post if I want to. ps, if you did click, that's why we're friends.

Here's the link if you receive this post as an email.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxUATkpMQ8A&ob=av2e


Kate said...

that is kind of a perfect song. also, I am so relieved that you did not choose a barry manilow song. I can deal with neil diamond, (nate likes him)

your blog comments would seriously diminish if barry manilow showed up here.

AmyDawn said...

Like this video and the song--although I admit to turning it down when the kids are in the car. ;)

Unknown said...

That song actually fits my mood perfectly nice choice.

Vanessa said...

I love this song, but turn it off out of guilt each time it is on. Sorry. I did enjoy the video though. I always love the line about "Truth be told I miss you, truth be told I'm lying."

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