Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pack Check!

Occasionally I confiscate all my childrens' backpacks as and coats as they walk through the door to check for contraband. Contraband typically equals toys snuck to school and candy Matthew can't eat because of his braces.

Today I did a pack check. Here is the outcome.

Her backpack was 100% empty. It did not have contraband or the folder she's supposed to bring home. Every. Single. Night.

Her backpack was loaded with clothing. Two outfits and a few books from school.

Matthew.  Dear Sweet Matthew:
His backpack had his school things, our GPS (To see how fast he can ride his bike) and...a hubcap. That's right people. A. Hubcap. Inside his backpack. Where all the books should have been.

Anna, please bring your folder home.
Nicole, take and extra bag for your clothes. Stuffing them in your bag is ruining school papers.
Matthew, please ask before you take the GPS next time.

This message has been approved by Anna, Matthew and Nicole
The End.


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Ha!! this is priceless :) thanks for sharing

Amy N. said...

Mrs. B probably kept Anna's folder if she had parent teacher conferences today. She kept Tyler's on Tuesday and gave it back at conferences.

I love that Matthew had a hubcap.

And he needs a bike computer so he won't steal your GPS. Get one at walmart for $10 and give it to him for easter.

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