Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 4

My Parents

Oops. not those two... Here are my parents...

Fun facts about mi madre y padre:


  1. She could play the piano with the best of them. 
  2. I never heard her sing a whole song with the radio. She'd turn the song up if she liked it, but I don't have a memory of her singing voice.
  3. She loved loved LOVED to dance. We sang the songs. She danced to them.
  4. She wasn't vocal about her testimony of Jesus Christ. But she had one.
  5. Her favorite color was red.
  6. She beat breast cancer once.
  7. She made cookies from a cake mix.
  8. Her favorite food was shrimp and ... shrimp.
  9. She was #1 of 7 kids.
  10. I don't remember her going out for a girls night, even once. I do remember her going with her Mom to St. Louis once while we lived in Meridian, ID with her mom to visit her sister. 
  11. She watched all the tabloid TV shows and LOVED them.
  12. Breast Cancer beat her on February 25, 2010.
  1. He's an ordinance worker at the Seattle Temple every Friday night.
  2. He doesn't like to miss a party.  He spends a lot of time in the homes of his children. If two or more are together, he'll be there too.
  3. He's becoming quite the cook. He loves cherry pudding.
  4. He retired from his job in September and now he does contract work for them a few days a month.
  5. He knows a butt load of crap about the gospels. (quote from nacho libre. watch it. memorize it. love it. quote it.)
  6. He's one of my best friends. We talk on the phone everyday. This morning our call was at 12:14 am. We were both awake. Neither of us needed anything.
  7. He's #2 of 5 kids.
  8. He does not like tailgaters
  9. He irons his own shirts. A lot of them.
  10. He knows a little about a lot of stuff. We lovingly refer to him as google.
  11. He sang bass in the ward choir for many years.
  12. He doesn't enjoy Barry Manilow or Beyonce.
Madre y Padre
  1. They met while my mom and her friend were hitchhiking. My Dad picked them up. In Rexburg, ID
  2. They got married in the Idaho Falls Temple.
  3. They were married just under 41 years.
  4. They have 8 children and 25 grandchildren - all sealed to them.


AmyDawn said...

I am laid up in bed with a hurt foot and just got caught up on your blog. Such fun posts! I need to call you. Love ya, girlie!

The Price Family said...

This was such a fun post to read. What a good idea!

Amy N. said...

Those pictures = me laughing my head off
I knew your Mom looked like megamind, but I didn't know your dad was also jerry! Sweet.

Your parents are awesome.

Marie Martin said...

I'm with Amy-- the pictures are awesome!

Vanessa said...

And the pictures were what I was going to comment on too. They made me laugh. Thanks.

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