Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 19

Something I Miss

Another post the requires a list:

People living:
Kate J.
Linda McC
Angie B.
The Drapers
The Rasmussens
_________ [enter your name here if I'm supposed to be missing you, but forgot for the moment. It's bound to happen. Choose not to be offended.}

People not living:
My Mom
Grandma Price
Dennis S.
Mary A.

As for something I miss...you're going to think I'm crazy, but I miss the sound of the tornado sirens in Larned, KS. I loved hearing them every Friday at noon, on New Years Day at midnight and I very much appreciated them the night Greensburg was wiped off the map.  I miss those sirens! There are good times to be had during a tornado warning! The video below is what the sirens sound like. These are not from my little town, but the sound is the same. So is the emotion as I sit here listening to them...for 20 minutes.


Open Horizons Academy said...

Come visit me...we have Tornado Sirens.

Prism said...

Oops--didn't realize somebody else was signed in! That last comment was me (Marie). Come see us, anyway!

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