Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 3

My first love

Besides that fact that the first three boys I had crushes on were named Zach, I don't really have any information for you. So let's get down to the deep dark truth of my first love, which I am still involved in.  Seriously involved.

Cadburry Mini Eggs.

I. Love. Them.
They complete me. 
Maybe more than an ice cold Diet Pepsi.

Have you ever had them? Here is why I love them:
  • When you open the bag it smells like hot chocolate.
  • The shell has a vanilla flavor to it.
  • I like the crunching sound when you bit into them
  • The shell disintegrates if you don't chew them up.
  • Cadburry chocolate is superior.
Go buy yourself a bag of cadburry crack and be thankful they are only available at the Easters.


Kate said...

i soooooo thought you were going to say 'cats'. Then I concocted a massive story in my brain about how a cat broke your heart so badly that you vowed never to love another feline again as long as you lived. (thus your apparent hatred for the species...)

Felicia said...

I can't even find these around here...they're already gone. I know someone who bought 800 bags (for food storage, of course).

Gina Jill said...

Kate, I would love to hear this story. Do tell.

AmyDawn said...

These are also my SIL's favorite and I give her some every year for her birthday.

Unknown said...

I am in 100% agreement except for the diet Pepsi. I prefer Diet Coke, unless it's fountain then I do like Pepsi.

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