Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7th grade band

Okay, so it may as well just told right now...
I'm not a good mom.

Well, maybe I am, but I do NOT like a lot of things that many good mom's enjoy. Here are a few of my not so favorite things:
  • Parks
  • Story Time
  • Field Trips
  • Band Concerts.
We'll stop with that last one. I do not enjoy band concerts. At all. But I do go to them. Nicole had one last night. It was a everything a band concert could be, including grades 5-8. Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure...if you like that sort of thing. :)

One thing I will say. Nicole does a really nice job on the clarinet. She practices hard and it shows. Well done Nicole!

okay, enjoy the videos taken from my cell phone.  :)


'Limbo Rock' by the 6th graders. and a bald guy's head
'Let's Go Band'
Here is a bonus for you. It was from Nicole's 6th grade band concert. It's similar to the last song posted above, but at the end they yell Go Great Bend instead of Let's Go Band. The 6th graders also played it faster.

ps, I miss Great Bend.
There's another concert on the 31st of this month, so stay tuned for more awesomeness.

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Trishelle said...

I do not enjoy band concerts either...even when I was in bad...they are torture for just about everyone. Nicole is such a great kid. Way to go sista!

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