Monday, March 28, 2011

Stuff and Things on my mind. 3-28-2011 edition

  • The first things Anna said to me this morning was, 'Now everyday is a sad day because Kate and Josie left.' I agree.
  • We had people over for dinner last night that lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for a few years. They know my brother and sister in law. Small world.
  • My dryer is broken. The power won't turn on. I'm calling the repair man today.
  • I don't like scary movies. (They scare me.)
  • How do you teach a left handed person to crochet?
  • I'm so glad my kitchen doesn't have white walls anymore.
  • I still need a camera.
  • I want to stalk to Amish (and Kate) in Pennsylvania. STAT. 
  • I love my sewing machine. It makes pretty things.
  • I love singing in the choir for the substitute director we have. I was watching her conduct last night and I wanted to cry. She reminds me of my Grandma Price. A lot. I've only ever spoken to her a couple of times, but I really love and respect her.

Three or four  weeks ago two sisters in our ward sang 'If the Savior stood beside you' as a musical number for sacrament meeting. These women aren't seasoned singers but the spirit that filled the chapel was undeniable.  Since then I've had that song on my mind often and I'm amazed at the choices that I make when I am thinking that the Savior is literally standing next to me. Would I yell or speak unkindly? Would I ignore a child's (relevant) request? Would I clean that mess up or get back to it later? and so on. I'm so thankful I was in Sacrament Meeting to hear them sing. They have helped me to improve myself.

that is all.


Amy N. said...

I've always loved the song if the savior stood beside me, I learned it in primary when I was a kid. I sing it often to myself.

Also, I love Judith. She is awesome. And knows everything about music. Someday you should take lessons from her too. Then I won't be her only adult piano student.

Garen Anderson said...

This is Andrea... I'm curious to know who you had over for dinner?

Lacy said...

I LOVE that song too :)

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