Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Highs and Lows...

My friend Kate has been staying with us for the past 6 days. I love her! I'm going to miss her so much! Right now she is on a walk with the little girls, taking pictures of forks in the woods near our home. Here are my highs and lows from the trip.

Low: It took over three hours for her to get here after she landed in Seattle. (Lame Friday night traffic.)
High: She got here in time for dinner and our first shopping excursion to buy toothbrushes and junk food.

Low: Josie was really tired and cranky when they showed up (well past her bedtime on the east coast.)
High: Anna and Josie hit it all almost immediately and they've had minimal arguments through out the visit.

Low: Going to bed that night knowing I had so much I wanted to visit about but Kate was too tired.
High: Getting a text from her 5 minutes after going to bed and being able to visit a few more minutes.

Low: Little girls waking up at 5 in the morning.
High: Getting an early start to the day so we didn't lose anymore valuable time.

Low: Josie wanted orange juice with her breakfast and we didn't have any.
High: I made all the meals, Kate helped the big kids with the dishes.

High: Two hours in JoAnn's with no children.
High: We collectively purchased over 30 yards of fabric this week.
High: Kate made two super cute blankets.
High: My strip blanket is almost done!
High: My Dad came to visit Saturday and spent the night.
High: We had a huge three course fondue dinner Saturday night.

Low:  2 hour melt down from a big kid.
High: Awesome soup and homemade bread for lunch.
High: The little girls were very well behaved during Sacrament Meeting.
High: I didn't ruin the hymns.
High: Quiet time for little girls.
High: We didn't break the sabbath. (and we wanted to.)

Low: 2 hour melt down from the other big kid.
Low: so. tired.
High: Another trip to JoAnn's sans children.
High: Cold Stone Creamery
High: Spaghetti and home made french bread rolls.

High: Kyle made us a cake.
High: We rode the Bremerton to Seattle ferry.
High: Pike's Place Market
High: The Space Needle
High: The Pacific Science Center
High: The Spaghetti Factory
High: Session at the Seattle Temple with Kate and my Dad
High: We didn't run out of gas.

Low: They are leaving.
High: Six days of house guests that are welcome anytime!
High: My house totally wreaks of AWESOMENESS!!

It's funny how you can look forward to something for so long - two months in the case - and the time just seems to crawl. Finally the day arrives that she gets here and all of the sudden time is no longer crawling. Instead it is racing by. It's over now. She just left. Now I'm sad.

Low: Kate just left. boo.

*pictures to follow soon. Stay tuned.

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Amy N. said...

I'm glad you had a good time with her! Sounds like you had a lot of exciting adventures! I'm sad that thanks to my stint in the nursery I didn't get to meet her!

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