Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

My friend Amy posts and 'Awkward and Awesome post' every so often on a Thursday and I'm going to copycat her today because I too am awkward and awesome. Mostly awkward.


  • I'm a big nerd. I try to be funny or clever. It mostly doesn't work in real time. That is why I write a blog. Because I feel like a genius on this thing!
  • Watching two little four year olds dance and sing. So cute. So painfully off key and off beat. 
  • Trying to be my friend's stalker. I'm not good at it. It is simply too creepy. I will soon be moving her shrine over to this blog and trying to update it more often...awkward. (What is going on in the mind of a real stalker?!  Good grief!)
  • Singing in the ward choir. I am surrounded by 3 really good altos. Me? Not so good. I'm not a bad singer, but I can not hold my own if they don't show up, or if someone really bad (worse than me) decides to show up.
  • The need to cry over insignificant things. This happens to me often. It started after Matthew was born and I've not outgrown it yet. boo.
  • I finished off a bag of Cadbury robin egg chocolates. They were delicious. I felt gross.
  • The size of the YouTube video I posted down there.
  • My kids want to go to the library on their day off of school. This is awesome for two reasons. #1, they want to read books by their own free will and choice. #2, they won't be home the whole day, even on their day off.
  • All the new fabric I have purchased lately. It's a good thing I threw out so much of the junky stuff I had. I need the room! (I am officially don't buying fabric again...for a while.)
  • It's 9 in the morning, I typing this blog from my bed, in my pajamas while my kids do their chores.  Wait, this is awkward! How did it sneak in over here?!
  • Jim Gaffigan. He's hilarious! You can watch Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale instantly on Netflix. If you've never seen him, you might want to watch this. If you have, you should watch it again. You should also watch this YouTube video of him. Right now.

Caliente Pocket! Ole!

1 comment:

Amy N. said...

I love awkward and awesome. The awkward list is always so easy to fill. :)

Also, when I read this the first time I was sitting in my PJ's in bed and loved that you were too.

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