Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pictures! from the last six days

me and Katie on the ferry, Seattle in the background. (I look like a boy)
 Pike Place Market. (This sign used to be in the beginning of Sesame Street, not sure if it still is...)
Me trying to look like the guy behind me. (Still looking like a boy.) 
The gum wall. gross. We contributed to the grossness.

 One of my favorite pieces of art in downtown Seattle.
 The Space Needle
Me sitting at the worlds largest table and chairs. (Located inside the Pacific Science Center.)
 Me and Katie
 Seattle Temple at night. Katie took this picture.
 forks. (We didn't go to Forks.)

New BFF's 

Believe it or not, Josie just turned 4 last week. Anna is small and Josie is tall.
sweet sisters. 
That's all I got. (That I'm going to share!)

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Amy N. said...

I love the forks pictures!!!

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