Monday, March 28, 2011

Anig and Recneps cont...

One day Anig and Recneps were being old at Anig's apartment, working on a jigsaw puzzle.

Anig did something Recneps thought was amazing! She put together 7 or 8 pieces of the puzzle in a row. You see, Anig is lame at puzzles. (just a little.) When Recneps saw this miraculous thing that had just taken place, he said , 'Good job Anig!!; in a voice that may have sounded a little juvenile.  Anig asked Recneps why he spoke that way and he said, 'I was treating you like you were five.' Anig got up from the table, walked down the hall and changed into a fairy princess, including pigtails sticking out of her crown and came back down the hall. She said, 'You want five years old? you got it.' She then continued to work on the jigsaw puzzle while singing and talking like a 5 year old.

to be continued...
*if you are just arriving to the story, there is a section to the side → that has a link to take you to the beginning. (this is only the 2nd part,)

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