Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

So I'm really liking 'Awkward and Awesome' posts.  It may be a new tradition! (Please sing 'tradition' the way they do in Fiddler on the Roof. gracias.)


  • Ken asked me where the bananas were, while he was 1 foot away from a bunch of bananas (6).
  • One of my kids told me sometimes they drink a glass of water while they go (#1) so they don't dehydrate.
  • We met the new missionaries last night. One of them served in my brother's ward. (Ryan, same one who's 50 today.) It was special hearing stories from my brother's mission that were bigger and better than I remember.
  • Going to the store and only buying a plunger. 
  • Me singing fiddler on the roof songs.
  • Talks about missionary work, given by a seasoned missionary,  that somehow aren't prepared.  ?
  • Nicole has mastered 'Orders of Operation.' (math stuff)
  • The testimony we heard tonight from a new Elder, out only 6 weeks.
  • Spaghetti
  • My new iron that Kate bought me while she was here. (She happened to be using the old one when it died. I did not make her replace it.)
  • Anna can spell her name.
  • Musicals. 
  • legos singing Tradition!


Lacy said...

Tradition!!!! Dedra, I thought my Mom and I were the only people that went around singing Fiddler on the Roof songs...

Okay, so my brain has been gone for a couple weeks... when I bookmarked your blog, I didn't realized I bookmarked the post from March 14th, so every time I would click to see a new post from you... there wasn't one. I thought MAN!! she must be busy and OH MAN! She and Kate must be having too much fun to have time to blog... yeah, I feel silly. I clicked on your blog today... and look at what I've been missing :)

Kate said...

FYI your iron was waiting for a willing participant to assist with its apparent suicide. I was said participant. your iron fired itself.

i didnt know irons had springs that jumped out at you either.

iron sabatoge, I tell ya. sabatoge.

Trishelle said...

Brilliant idea. I laughed particularly hard about the plunger...because I had to run to Walmart between sessions today and pick one up.

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