Saturday, March 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

There were these two people I know. Their names are ..*Anig and *Recneps. Anig and Recneps are young people who love each other and will one day get married...maybe. Here is a picture of them...

Here is their story.

They're old even though they appear young. they spend their date nights putting together jigsaw puzzles, texting each other, he plays on his iPad while she plays on her iPod Touch.

Nerds. Here is another picture. They're doing a puzzle with an old lady. Maybe Recneps's grandma. Anig doesn't have anymore Grandma's. (They died when they got this old.)
Okay, that is all for now. Another volume of the story will be coming soon...For now this is what we've learned.

They are young but act old.

The End.

ps, names have been changed to protect their identity. BUT, if you are bright, you will read them backwards and figure it out.

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ginajill said...

Anig and Recneps sound like fun and awesome people. It sounds like you are jealous of said awesomeness! You should work through your issues. I'm sure there us an app for that. Hahaha (nerd humor)

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