Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I may or may not have done today.

  • Stayed in my pajamas until 11:30am
  • made beautiful fabric birds that are now ready to be stuffed with stuff.
  • finished my stripe quilt. I ended up tying it with white yarn instead of machine quilting it. I was too intimidated. It's hanging off my kitchen counter. 
  • deactivated my facebook account. I go in phases where I love it, then I hate it. Right now I hate it.
  • went to a young women's meeting for girl's camp. 
Shameless plug: Our ward YW will be selling a cookbook this summer for $10.00. You're all invited to purchase one. It's going to be awesome.

  • I may or may not be eating nachos right now.
  • My brother's wife may or may not be pregnant. (she is.) Guess which brother.
  • It's not Kyle.
  • He is sans wife.
  • fed my family spaghetti for the 3rd time this week. The sauce is finally gone so we can move on.
  • washed my new stripe blanket and ruined it because the back is red.  (It now looks tie-dyed. That's a little disappointing.)
Here's a bonus photo for you. These are the boats in Bremerton at PSNS.

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