Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

I am not a fan of April Fool's Day. My kids think it's hilarious. Matthew especially thinks it's hilarious. This year he got me about 15 seconds after he woke up. He walked out of his room and told me it was a half day. I was excited. He said April Fool's. I was sad. He laughed. He's grounded. (not really.)

The other prank I'm experiencing, 2 days running, is my phone is an hour fast from about 11am to 5pm. That's annoying.

That is hopefully the extent of our pranks.  Now, lets move on to 100% raw awesomeness.

Look what I made this morning! It's called a Pointed Dresden Plate and I'm addicted.

cut 18 (you can buy a dresden template at JoAnn's for 12 dollars but I just made one.
 sew the tops together (This gives the points their own casing, not need for teeny tiny folds.)
 clip the edges, turn the points right side out, press
 place in a pretty design
 sew together

pin onto background and make a circle for the center 
sew down and trim the edges to square the block.


Kate said...

holy crap - that. is. amazing.

I am going to do that asap. like now.

or after work tomorrow.

or when i get some awesome new fabric.

or next week.

Gina Jill said...

Wow Kate! Sounds like you are going to really get on that! You inspire me! Haha... Not really :(

Dedra! That is way cool! I'm not going to lie to you like Kate and say I am going to do that because we both know I'm not that patient. That is really cool though!!! If I didn't have such a short attention span I would try to do cool things like you.

Lacy said...

OH MY HECK!!! I am so in love with this! This is so cool! Thanks for giving me another great idea :)

Trishelle said...

Dedra, that's gorgeous!

I love little Matthew! I could just see his face when you were telling the story!

Kate said...

soooooo, i am in the process of picking out fabric from my stash - (in direct refusal to use the new fabric i bought last night, due to the suckiness there of - and the fact that I am returning it in monday) and this is my conference project for today.

so there, Gina. :)

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