Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memory Monday...er Wednesday (pt deux)

(I like Memory Monday on Wednesday.)

3rd Grade:
  • We lived in Dundee, Oregon and attended Newberg 2nd ward.
  • Garen, Adam and I spent many hours riding in the back of tonka dump trucks (the little yellow ones) down the street that had a steep grade, through an intersection (that did not have stop signs) and into the field. We crashed a lot. I ruined a few pairs of shoes. I loved every minute of it.
  • We got a 13 foot camper trailer and played house in it a lot.
  • Mom and Dad bought matching Ford Fairmont cars. They were the fanciest cars we'd ever owned in my life. Their license plates were one number apart and our first Oregon plates. We had recently moved from Idaho.
  • I sang in a talent show. We were the first act. We did terrible. Even as a nine year old I knew this.
*This story may be offensive to some of you. Remember, that is your choice.
  • I heard the 'f' word for the first time. We were walking to the public library and my 'buddy' said to me, 'I know what the 'f' word is.' I told her there wasn't an 'f' word . (and I knew all the swear words!) She assured me there was one and then said it. I repeated it a couple of times, told her it was stupid word and then we talked about something else like chinese jump ropes or fortune tellers. Later on in the week I was downstairs in the family room watching She-ra and Garen came down and told me Mom wanted me. I told him to tell her I'd be right there. A minute later Mom is yelling for me - angry. I ran upstairs to see what was wrong. She was at the top of the stairs. She asked me what I told Garen when he called for me. I said, 'I'd be right there.' Garen said, 'No! You told me to tell her to 'f' off.' I was shocked for two reasons.
  1. I would never say any swear word to my mom. I learned that lesson when I made her a list of them...
  2. How did Garen know that word?! I had just learned it two days before.
It turned out that I just had to take my clothes to my room and Garen got in trouble for using that word. 

  • Wendi, Ryan and Heather had 2 themed parties at our house. Mom made me costumes for them and I crashed them. I also fell in love with Scott Rollins. He was Ryan's friend.
  • I rode on a Camelot float in the Old Fashioned Days Parade in Newberg.
  • It was the first year I stayed up until midnight on New Years Eve.
  • Garen threw up on my brand new dress from Santa on Christmas morning at Grandma's house.
  • On the way home from Christmas at Grandma's our car broke down and my Uncle Dave picked us all up (7 kids and parents) and took us home. in a little hatchback car.
  • I learned about Santa. This came to be when I rearranged all the presents to get what I really wanted and somehow my mom new. lame.
  • I mastered the monkey bars at my school. The bars turned when you grabbed them so they were really hard.
  • I watched Poltergeist and Friday the 13th.
  • My teacher was Mrs. Bollinger. My best friends were Teresa and Jenny. My arch nemesis was Esther. James' dad died. 
  • Great Grandpa Calaway came to visit. 
  • My Mom made me a penguin sundress. I picked the fabric.
  • I got my first journal.
  • Ryan, Heather, Garen, Adam and I walked across a railroad bridge that was active. I told Ryan and Heather that we shouldn't do it. They made us anyway. I asked them what we should do if the train came and Ryan said, 'jump.' After we were off it a train came. Ryan told me that night he didn't know trains still crossed that bridge.
  • It was a pretty good year.

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Lacy said...

I can't believe how much you remember... I am lame.

I do remember getting in trouble for telling my Mom the swear words I knew (but I heard them from my Dad! think "Christmas Story") ha!

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