Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today in primary

I taught the kids who are 5 and will be turning 6 this year. I'm not really sure how much they got out of the lesson but here are some things I learned from them. Our lesson was on the Word of Wisdom.

  • You can't exercise in space.
  • Sometimes a cat never wants to play, only scratch.
  • One of the cats eats broccoli.
  • One of the 5 year olds drink beer.
  • One girl started crying because she doesn't have a cat.
  • If you ask enough times over and over, 2 sets of parents will give you what you want. You just have to keep asking.
  • Kindergarteners know how to read a lot of words. None of those words are in the scriptures. (direct quote)
  • That little boy really does drink beer. (He kept assuring me.)
  • Some drink juice everyday. 
  • Popsicles are frozen juice. Root beer are the best.
Have you subbed in primary recently? 


Amy N. said...

Your class was way more interesting than mine. Of course we don't try as hard to get answers out of the sunbeams.

I have subbed in primary recently, I subbed today, last week, and four weeks ago.

Marie Martin said...

I am going to try to guess which comments came from Celeste. Hmmmm. #1, #2, #7, and maybe #6. She told me she knew all about what not to eat and didn't even know it was the Word of Wisdom. Great.

Amy N. said...

Oh, and to argue with a six year old you can exercise in space. In fact the space station is outfitted with a space treadmill and one astronaut ran a marathon on it.

Kate said...

too bad you cant add "that kid is stepping on my toes and hurting my fibromialga" (spelling????) the kid was 7.

ps, and cats dont eat broccoli. that kid is wrong. they eat asparagus. :)

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