Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stuff and Things 4-12-2011

Stuff and Things = Whatever comes out of my brains. 
  • Last night I got a free box of Cheerios at the super market with a coupon. It came with a free 'pull back racer' hot wheel car. Matthew was super excited because 'you just don't get free stuff in cereal anymore.' (a direct quote from an old 11 year old.)
  • Do you remember cracker jacks? Do they even make them anymore? They were really nasty but we loved them because we got a prize.  a cheap prize. Not a hot wheel, that's for sure!
  • I have quite a few sewing projects started and no ambition to finish any of them. some of them include, a dress for Nicole, dolls for my friend in PA, junk to sell on Etsy, a couple of aprons for someone who doesn't know they are on the way and said person may or may not read this blog. (Be surprised!), the blanket for my bed. 
  • A family from our ward is being sealed on Saturday. Ken and I are attending. I love seeing a sealing.
  • I can't play 'All Creatures of our God and King.'
  • I slept through choir on Sunday. (In my bed, not at the church.)
  • Below are some random pictures I have taken on my phone in the last week.

Anna falls asleep in our bed. Her routine includes, going through the night table drawers, rearranging our blankets, turning on our outside light and then randomly falling asleep however she feels like.

We had a lot of rain yesterday morning. After it quit and the sun came out, the roofs has steam rising from them. I never saw that in Kansas and it was first time since we moved back that I'd seen it. I actually cried. Lame, I know. But steam rising off roofs is cool.

Also yesterday, I decorated my first cake using tips. Although this cake is poorly done if you look too close (or you are an expert) I'm pretty pleased with how my first try came out. I will be practicing this technique again because I really love it.

Happy Tuesday!


Kate said...

happy tuesday to you too..... note to you. I like aprons too.

also, remember, finishing the dolls will be mucho profitable for you. think.... many many more trips to joanns with the sweet moolah from the dolls. :)

Lacy said...

We (actually Beck) got the Hot Wheels Racer out of the Cheerios too! He was so excited... he kept saying, "da car is in da cereal, Mom?" He was confused.

LOVE the cake! :) wow

oh, I slept through choir last Sunday too... but I was on the couch.

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