Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Lillie!

Happy Birthday to my niece, Lillie! She is 4 years old.

I don't know Lillie very well. I've only met her a handful of times. But that is enough to have 2 fun facts about her.

  • She has a wild head of massively curly hair. It is BEAUTIFUL.
  • She gives her old brother (Hayden, almost 8) a run for his money. I truly believe she is in charge.
Happy Birthday Lillie! I love you!

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Garen Anderson said...

I love this... Let me give you a few more facts about Ms. Lillie Ann

1. She is named for your grandmother, spelled the same for her first name. Her middle name is Ann for your mother and mine, but spelled like your mom's (Mine is Anne). However, My mom is named Lee for a first name and Anne for a middle name, but they've always called her Lee Ann. Lillie is not Lillian, but Lillie Ann, in the style of my mom. Three birds, one stone, and three generations... go me!

2. She was causing trouble BEFORE she was even born. Aside from the massive medical issues and emergency c-section that brought her into the world, she nearly got Garen kicked out of the hospital. At 8 months in she'd managed to avoid being identified as male or female despite multiple ultrasounds... finally they caught her, and announced her gender. Garen immediately demanded a second opinion. When that doctor came in and agreed that Lillie was female, Garen loudly declared "Great, just great! I'm so going to jail now!!!" This was due to a previous converstation that was out of context to the doctors.... who promptly called security. It took much explaining and reassurance out of me that Garen ment that someday, he'd have to hunt down any boyfriends... and not that he meant any harm to our little girl.

3. Her birth was a disaster. I was sick, and we both were dying. My heartrate rose to 250 bpm, hers dropped to less than 30. They knocked me out and she was born. However, Garen couldn't be in the room... he waited outside as patiently as he could. She was born at 12:13 in the afternoon, only 2 mins after I'd been put to sleep... but I didnt get to meet her until nearly 5. This was due to complications that arose for me in recovery... Lillie spent her first five hours in Garen's arms... and even though I hear she screamed the entire time... she's always been totally her daddy's girl.

4. You're right Dedra... Lillie is the boss lady around here, Hayden goes nuts but he eventually almost always ends up doing what ever she says. They are so backwards from what I thought they'd be. She even beats him at video games, potty trained earlier, can spell her own name sooner, uses a computer and builds legos... but not because she's smarter than Hayden... he doesn't realize he's taught her everything she knows... but she knows it, and she's always telling me how much she loves "brother".

5. Lillie LIKES having her blood drawn. She thinks its amazing to watch blood flow out of her body, and she has never once cried or fought us on getting it done.

6. For the past year, Lillie knows that she is gonna get married and have two babies, one at a time. She does not want twins, and she also says shed skip the husband if it wasn't required.

7. Lillie loves almost any food you give her. Cheese is a heck yes, crab, lobster (monsters, she calls them), She'll try any food at least once. However, chicken noodle soup and gullosh (spelling?) are her favorite foods.

8. The child wants to knit. She hasnt got great dexterity for it, but she uses the looms without too much trouble.

9. She is the youngest in her class, but the tallest and heaviest. She is up to Hayden's shoulders in height and only 4lbs lighter than he is. She also acts older (sometimes too much older) and does things like rides a two wheel bike, and tries to steal my makeup. I keep telling her to stop growing, she holds out her wrist and tells me to listen cause that growin' isn't stoppin'.

10. I think she inherited every "pretty" thing she could find in mine and Garen's genes. I am often told how beautiful she is, from the blue eyes, the curly hair, the height, face structure, and various other details she picked out of our genetic pool. My little sister says she's proof that ugly people have pretty babies.

I hope this helps you to know her a little better, and hopefully you'll get to see her again sooner than later.


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