Monday, April 18, 2011

Memory Monday...on Monday(!)

Happy Go Pukey.

Remember last week when I told you about my family of 9 getting a ride home from my Uncle Dave in a little hatchback car? It would turn out that that would not be the only time our family would fit into a tiny little car like sardines. The 2nd time we did it, it was planned and it was just as big of a disaster, only if a different light.

Once upon a time our family only had 1 car because the other one was dead. The car we had was a ford EXP. Never heard of that before? Here's a picture. (not of our car but one I found on the internet.)
Here are few facts about the EXP.

  • There are two seat belts.
  • There are two doors.
  • It's a hatchback
  • The car we had was a stick shift.
Here's the story.

When we were younger, my mom made candy and made us (her children) sell it door to door - business to business - to make money to pay for things like Christmas, school clothes, part of Ryan's mission, a 13 foot camper and a whole slew of other causes that shall remain unmentioned. We traveled far and wide to perform these sales. All over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and after I was married Mom even took the kids down to Califormia. 

Mom and Dad planned a selling trip for us to take on Spring Break when I was in 8th grade. I was 14 years old. Since the beast (a big green boat of a car) was dead, we had to go in the EXP for this selling trip since canceling was out of the question. So do you remember that the car picture about had 2 seat belts and no trunk? Here is what we had to fit in the 'back seat' of this car.
  • 5 children
  • 6 apple and banana boxes full of candy plus 3 more apple boxes for us to use when we went door to door.
  • Blankets and pillows to make the 'back seat' more comfortable.
  • Food/Snacks
Believe it or not, we fit it all in. A bunch of sardines stuffed into a little tin can with a manual transmission.

Here's how to the trip went down.
  • There was 7 people in the car. Mom, Dad, Me (14), Garen (11), Adam (9), Gina (6) and Kyle (3). (these ages are guesses, give or take a year.)
  • We traveled south on highway 101 along the Washington coast from about Raymond all the way to the turn off to go to Astoria, Oregon.
  • Those roads are full of curves and switch back type turns - very conducive to motion sickness.
  • Before we had a chance to get car sick, many of the passengers in our little car came down with the stomach flu.
  • Mom puked
  • Kyle puked
  • One of the big boys puked
  • I think Gina puked
  • Diarrhea crashed the party
  • puke
  • poop
  • puke
  • poop
  • poop
  • puke.
  • I don't remember if Dad got sick.
  • I did not get sick
  • One of the boys got sick
  • People threw up in grocery bags.
  • On bedding
  • On me
  • In the car when Dad couldn't stop fast enough.
  • Outside when he could stop fast enough.
  • Kyle pooped on me.
  • Others pooped on themselves.

So all of this - opposite of total awesomeness -  was going on when we hit the windy curvy roads. The best way to describe was happened next is to say...rinse and repeat all the bullets above.

More grossness.

I can't remember why we named that road the 'Happy Go Pukey' road. But here are some more facts about that trip.
  • We sold a lot of candy.
  • We didn't fight.
  • No one got mad for being puked or pooped on.
  • I remember we had to eat the grapes that didn't have a bag anymore because Kyle puked in it. (The grapes were not puked on.)
  • Three words...Happy Go Pukey will bring many memories to 7 people, 6 now, until their dying day.
NOTE: My little sister, Gina is blogging this memory Monday also. My memory is from a 14 year old perspective. Her's if from a 6 year old. Read and compare them. We are both clicking publish at the same time. 


    Gina Jill said...

    I know it was gross. I know how bad it was. Yet when reading this post I laugh. When reading mine I laugh. It was just so horrible!!!!

    The Abegglens said...

    This sounds so Horrible. I was busting a gut while I was reading it. It's something you hope never happens to you, but you love to hear about it happening to other poeple. Sorry! Hahah I'm still laughing about it. I think we had 8 people pilled into one our cars one time when we went on a trip to Mt. Rainier and I was on the floor most of the time. It was not awesome!

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