Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A flashback...(ANIG)

Before Anig met Recneps, she was a little girl. She has a large herd of siblings, but her favorite, most dear sibling, is her next older sister. Arded. What a great sister she was!  Here are two things Arded taught Anig - things she will never forget. Ever.

#1 Don't sleep with your leg hanging off the bed. Spiders will eat your toes while you sleep.

 #2. Don't steal mom's housecoat, throw it on the floor, and then expect someone else to pick it up. (Unless that someone else is dad, who can't stand the crying and shouting another second! BUT, if he does step in, expect a couple of swear words to accompany the 'help' he provides.)


Kate said...

in my childhood memories, that spider had a giant machete and there was no nibbling involved. just pure, instant limb removal.

nice illustrations, picaso. :)

Gina Jill said...

Dedra said she would put peanut butter between my toes and make me sleep under the bed where spiders would eat me! I like her kid friendly version for her blog.

Dad did swear at us. Also it wasnt until about 3 years ago that I admitted that I was the one who brought the house coat into out room. Hahaha!!!

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