Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Going to the gym.
Bad Idea: Eating nachos after going to the gym...as a celebration.

Good Idea: Changing your font every once in a while to mix things up.
Bad Idea: wingdings (wingdings) or comic sans

Good Idea: Taking a nap after church.
Bad Idea: sleeping from 5pm to 7pm.

Good Idea: Letting a 4 year old help clean toothpaste out of the bathroom sink.
Bad Idea: She used her toothbrush.

Good Idea: Buying me presents.
Bad Idea: Just buy me presents. The 24th was my half birthday! Hooray for 33 1/2.


Amy N. said...

Ha! Since I've been going to club runs in Olympia the past little while I am always tempted to stop by a burger joint on the way home to get something. Luckily I usually don't take my wallet. Nothing like a good workout to make you binge.

Lacy said...

LOVE good idea/bad idea....

the toothbrush... eww! yeah, my kids would do that

and the wingdings... ha ha ha

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