Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • Making small talk. I'm not good at it too often.
  • Gina.
  • Being woken up at 2 in the morning by an OCD child asking me if they can check the front door and make sure it's locked. (It wasn't.)
  • Ken calling me at a little after 2 in the morning because he was locked out of the house. (He had been on a death call.)
  • Sharing a bed with a blanket hog. You would think after almost 14 years we could figure this out. Yet I wake up a couple times a week completely confused about why I have no blankets on my side of the bed and what happened to the top sheet?! It was there when I feel asleep.
  • passed vs past. When do I use these words? I get confused often.
  • Me using sporting analogies. (See bullet number 3 in awesome, which could be awkward too.)
  • Today is my Grandpa Price's birthday! He is 87 years old. I love him so much!
  • The comments I get on my blog of people sharing their awkward moments. I love them all. I encourage you to do Awkward and Awesome too. 
  • Bullet number 4 on the awkward list is a double hitter. 2 birds, one stone.
  • You just scrolled back and forth on the screen to figure out my rambling.
  • Me.
  • The dead guy that was in the van in our driveway for 2 hours before he was shipped to Los Angeles.
  • The starts for our garden are growing really well. They're almost ready to go into the ground.
Awkward and Awesome:


Amy N. said...

Use separate blankets. Vaughn and I do that when I feel he's taking too much blanket. It's just easier to get another one.

Passed is when you are physically being passed. "That car just passed us!" Past is for time. "The past few weeks have been a lot of fun."

Gina Jill said...

Dedra, you messed up on this post. See, I'm awesome and your the awkward one. That's why our relationship works so well. I am the loving younger sister that takes the time to help her sweet yet awkward older sister. I love having a handi-capable sister. :) Thats what makes me so nice.

Gina Jill said...

It's my way of giving back.

spharfamily said...

Wish my garden starts were ready to put in the ground ....Oh wait that would mean I have some place outside to put them:) I really need to get working on the garden area I am putting in this year! Totally awesome that you have them already.

Kate said...

awkward - not getting a mention in the awesome list

awesome - not getting a mention in the awkward list.

Lacy said...

I live with a blanket hog as well, but he says it's me!

Oh the stories you could tell about dead people... yeah, that sounded awkward...

The Llama? or whatever that guy is ... AWESOME! love the white fro

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