Monday, April 25, 2011

Memory Monday

Grandpa Price.

Since I just saw him on Saturday, he's on my mind. Here are some things I remember about him.
  • He ran everywhere. From the back door of his house to his truck. From his car to the store. If it was more than 5 or 6 steps he didn't walk there.
  • We went to McDonald's once and he wanted to pay with a 100 dollar bill and they didn't have change. He changed his order to get enough food that they could break it.
  • Honeycomb cereal for breakfast, meat and potatoes for dinner, peaches and or schwan ice cream for dessert.
  • He was at the temple my first time through and a witness at my wedding.
  • He taught me how to swallow air and burp...really well.
  • The last time I saw Grandma, she and Grandpa came to visit us in McMinnville, OR. They brought us the biggest box of apples I'd ever seen in my life. When it was empty, Garen, Adam, Gina and I all fit in the box with room for our junk. The apples were good but the box was awesome!
  • The road from Pasco to Basin City is the longest road. On the planet. When we were little, that road was the worst part of the drive. We were excited and the road was 24 miles of fields and barns. The combination equaled a perceived 6 hours on that road.
  • We always knew we were close when we could see his grain silos up on the hill. 'Watch for Grandpa's harvestores!'
I sure love that guy! Best grandpa ever.


Gina Jill said...

I remember my burping lessons too. He is the best Grandpa ever!

Lacy said...

AWESOME!! the McDonald's thing and the burping lessons are so funny!

The Abegglens said...

I think that is so funny. I totally know how you feel, especially when we are making the drive from Idaho to Washington.The drive from Pasco to Basin City is LOOONNGGG!! and I lived there my whole life and made that drive quite often.

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