Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good  Idea: Going to the beach for the fourth of July.
Bad Idea: Leaving all your camp chairs in Long Beach. {We'll get them back next week when we go to Cannon Beach.}
Bad IDea: Driving home on the morning of the fifth of July. It took 5 hours to get back to our place. Typical drive time is 2:20.

Good Idea: Letting Nicole and Matthew make no bake cookies.
Bad Idea: They didn't cook them.
NOTE TO LITTLE BAKERS: No bake does not mean no cooking on the stove top.

Good Idea: Going shopping for school clothes.
Better Idea: Going shopping for said school clothes at Value Village during their 50% off sale. I got all the kids clothes for school this year for $127.43.

Good Idea: Spending 16 days in Utah.
Bad Idea: can't really think of one for that. I'm just really excited to see my sister!

Good Idea: Brushing your teeth.
Bad Idea: Using your finger because you don't want to look for your toothbrush.
Better Idea: Helping you find your toothbrush then reminding you it was put away.

Good Idea: Getting a new haircut.
Bad Idea: Mullets.
NOTE TO THE WORLD: There is not such thing as a cute mullet. No. Such. Thing.

Good Idea: Playing Monopoly with your family.
Better Idea: Playing Electronic Banking Monopoly with your family.
Bad Idea: Letting the cheater in the family run the ATM.


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Dear Dedra, my computer has been so lame lately... I'm so happy to be able to check in on your blog!

Yay for the school clothes deal! That's what I need to find :)

oh and Monopoly :) and MULLETS!! hahahahaha

I'm wondering if those no-bake cookies were more like soup......

Nicole said...

The Cookies were not like Soup we were spose to bake them on the Oven and Matthew didn't know so he just gave us spoons fulls of Cookie Dough.

Kate said...

mullet pic please. STAT.

I now want no bake cookies. thanks a lot. :)

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