Monday, July 25, 2011

Memory Monday

Nicole is going to Girl's Camp tomorrow. I'm excited for her and little bit jealous. You see, Girl's Camp is the happiest place on earth. I'd pick it over Disneyland everyday of the week, even in the pouring down rain. In honor of her upcoming week of awesomeness, I will dedicate MM to my girl's camp memories.

First Year:

  • I was in Bremerton 3rd ward.
  • It was the first time I'd ever been away from home for more than a slumber party.
  • I learned how to make scrunchies.
  • We sniffed lemonade. {It makes the inside of your nose sticky.}
  • I got along better with the 3rd and 4th years than the other 1st years. (I was even more annoying awkward than I am now.
  • We were the only cabin with electricity because my friend Anna had to use a nebulizer at night.
  • I almost drowned in the lake and a life guard saved me.
  • I did the polar dip everyday.
  • I learned some of the best songs ever written! (I heart me some camp songs.)
Second Year:
  • I was in Silverdale 3rd ward.
  • We had some of the best leaders ever and one really mean one.
  • I got over 100 mosquito bites.
  • I didn't learn how to swim but stayed closer to the beach.
  • It was the first time I felt the spirit at a testimony meeting.
  • I did the polar dip every morning.
  • I memorized all the colors that go along with the YW Values.
  • We lip synced to 'So Long, Farewell' from the sound of music and when the girl asked if she could 'stay and taste her first champaine' Bishop Vail said no and Berkley dumped water on him.
Third Year:
  • Silverdale 3rd again.
  • 3rd years slept in a tent, the rest of the ward slept in the TeePee.
  • I hated the tent so much I slept on the ground in the TeePee.
  • I did the polar dip every morning.
  • In the Silverdale Stake, all the 3rd years got 'named.' Because I braided almost every girls' hair into 1 or 20 braids that week, my camp name was 'Vidal.' I still love that!
  • I learned 'The Princess Pat.' (Matthew learned that song at OPI last month and was shocked that I knew it.)
Fourth Year:
  • Silverdale 2nd ward.
  • 1st and 2nd years were in one cabin, 3rd and 4th years were in another.
  • I signed up for a boat race. Elizabeth Graves was my partner and we won first place.
  • We drank 3 cases of Diet Pepsi and had many a burping contest.
  • I don't think I did the polar dip one time. All the enthusiasm for that activity slept in a different cabin. We just slept in.
  • There was a bead you could earn if you memorized all the scriptures that went along with the YW Values. I earned that bead.
Of course these are only a few of the things I took from Girl's Camp. But my love is strong and my testimony of Girl's Camp is that is a powerful tool to help girls figure out who they are and gain their testimony. Experiences happen there that can't take place anywhere else on earth and they are irreplaceable. 

I'm going to miss my girl like crazy but I know she'll be having a great time.


Trishelle said...

BRILLIANT post! Your little sweetie is gonna have a blast!!

You are my Polar Plunge hero! I was too chicken! Gotta love that lifeguard!

Nicole said...

I had a blast at girls camp and I did not go into the water because I hate Glacier Water

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