Tuesday, July 5, 2011

yesterday, today and tomorrow...+ Sunday

Sunday an old friend who we knew while we lived in Grandview came to visit us. She's going to be here until Thursday.

Yesterday we drove to Long Beach to celebrate the 4th of July with my brother, Adam.We played in the ocean, bbq'd and then went back to beach to watch a lot of drunk people blow things up.

Today we drove into Astoria and Elise took pictures of the Goonie's House. We also got a couple of pics with her in front of the house.

Tomorrow she and I will be spending the day in Seattle. We will be touring UW, where she is considering attending a master's program and I'll also be showing her the sites of the city.

Sadly, she had to go home on Thursday, but that is where we will return to my regularly scheduled program.  Until then, I hope you had a great time celebrating Independence Day!

See you soon!

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