Monday, July 18, 2011

Memory Monday

4th Grade

  • I turned 10.
  • I wore a poodle skirt for Halloween.
  • I went to Dundee Elementary in Dundee, OR.
  • My Teacher was Mr. Hansen and I had reading in Mrs. Comfort's class.
  • You know the one kid in your class that had hygiene problems and had trash protruding from his desk? I had to sit at his desk during reading.
  • Dana broke her arm and had write with her left hand. Out of sympathy I decided to write with my left hand too. She was praised, I missed recess.
  • My bff was Jenny and my arch nemesis was Esther.
  • I ate a lot of Baby Ruth candy bars.
  • I learned how to make fortune tellers.
  • Our field trip was riding the Sternwheeler.
  • Three days before school was out we moved out of our house and into our 16 foot camper for the summer because the house we were renting was sold.
  • I experienced girl drama for the first time. I wasn't sure why we couldn't all be friends.
  • Garen and Adam went to my school. This is notable because there is a large enough gap between Heather and me as well and Garen and me that I only went to school with siblings for 3 years of my whole school career. 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. Garen and I would have gone to HS together if Olympic was a 4 year school but alas, freshmen went to Ridgetop.
  • I loved working in the cafeteria but disliked distributing the milk.
  • Micheal Jackson, Thriller.
  • Thundercats are GO! (Thank you Kate for the reminder)
  • Full House and the Cosby Show
  • I learned the word 'determined' when I was asked to give an impromptu talk in primary. My teacher found a shot story in his primary manual that I was to read. I practiced over and over and couldn't remember that word for the life of me. Four or five times I had to ask how to pronounce it. I pronounced it debter-mined. My teacher was kind and patient and kept helping me with it. I needed help with that word when I gave the talk too but I finally got it right when we had it for a spelling word later in the year. I was determined! or debter-mined. Which ever.
  • I learned how to make friendship bracelets
  • I found my inner poet. {I think I missed recess for that too. Swear words rhyme with a lot of other words.}
  • I learned how to cross stitch.
  • I learned how to use the curling iron correctly. No more turning the barrel the wrong way resulting in awkward bends in the bangs. Don't laugh - you did it too.
  • I learned about the YW Personal Progress program and the Gospel in Action program. I was determined to achieve both.
  • I ate cheese whiz for the first time. Bleh.
  • It was another good year.


Kate said...

I still struggle with the curling iron thing. :)

Hoovy4 said...

Dave was giving me a hard time Saturday night because I had never heard of Thundercats (we saw a preview for a tv show at the theater). You just went up in his estimation since you DO know who they are!

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