Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nicole's Latest Puzzle

You may remember me mentioning that Nicole and I have been putting together puzzles this summer. Since Memorial Day, we have put together 15 puzzles - over 10,000 collective pieces.

While Ken was in Utah, his Mom gave him a puzzle of the Salt Lake Temple for Nicole. She started it that day and together, she and I finished it rather quickly. Here it is mounted on her wall right next to her bed. 

Nicole took the pictures. Thank you Cheryll for the puzzle! Nicole loves it.


Kate said...

Nice!!! It looks great on her wall. :)

Sunshower said...

WOW!!! It turned out really pretty, didn't it?
You guys are SPEEDY!:-) I tried to leave a comment on Colie's latest blog and it wouldn't let me-I'm going to try again in a minute. If I can't, please tell her I was so happy to get her invite to her blog and to see her online again.
I'm so happy she loved the puzzle:-) Sherry

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