Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I want to see but know I probably never will.

This post is dedicated to my Kansas bestie, Linda. I love her and miss her and she gave me this idea - the genius that she is. ps Linda, I can't find that dress. I am lame.

So Linda was watching an episode of Martha Stewart (not on purpose) and the guest made a sandwich that looked absolutely horrible. But what did Martha say? Oh! That looks go delicious blah blah blah. What did we want her to say?! OMGsh! That looks absolutely disgusting! There is no way I'm putting that in my mouth! Bring me a chocolate pie.

You get it? See what I mean? Linda is a genius!

Another bestie from Kansas, the Drapers. Oh how I love and miss them! We had them over to watch General Conference once and we met at the church building to watch it a few times. One time Ken, Ben and I were talking about the talks. Just once during testimony meeting we wanted to hear something along the lines of: 'I loved conference so much! That talk by Elder Holland made me think of Sister_____________.She really needs to study that one and work on  _________________.' But alas, I will probably never hear/see that.

Also in testimony meeting, Linda and I would like to hear someone say they had a crappy week and didn't really learn much of anything. We've all had weeks like that! Luckily for us, we also live in wards where they know it's not really 'open mike Sunday' most of the time. heh.

I'm still thinking about this topic, so this is part one. Feel free to add your 'wish' in the comment section. Be kind though. I reserve the right to delete comments.


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

I wish people's faces would have a sign on their foreheads that reads their true thoughts.

There's this one girl... every I see her she says something like, "OH, Hi, LACY!! How are you? Oh, you look so cute, are you okay?" But her voice sounds like her forehead sign would read, "Ew! Lacy, I can't stand you! I hope you're having a horrible day!"

Yeah, I'm evil, but you know when you can just tell some people don't like you, but they keep on trying to pretend otherwise. blah.

Kate said...

ps, i've had a crappy week and didnt learn anything. There, I said it and it is absolutely true. Im not even going to waste my breath at the pulpit on that one.

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