Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


  • I'm not going to get 52 recipes in 2011. I don't care enough to cram in the last 51. I'm deleting that page.
  • I may be the worst parent that doesn't abuse their children. On the planet.
  • I sometimes chose different words when I'm typing simply because I don't know how to spell my first choice.
  • I asked Ken how much he loved me {because I wanted him to go buy us a treat} and he responded that he'd love me a lot more if I'd be quiet. It's funny now.
  • The other day I interrupted myself while I was talking. To myself...too many conversations going on at once.
  • I need therapy.
  • At work the other night I was playing blokus by myself and one of the clients told me I was sure to lose.
  • My job. I love those people. A lot.
  • Anna's Kindergarten teacher.
  • The 9 patch quilt I'm building right now.
  • These hats. 
  • Two more to go.
  • Linda McCowan. Oh how I love and miss her!
  • Dear Linda, the next two are for you!
  • It would be TOTALLY AWESOME to see someone lead the music in sacrament meeting only using their pointer finger. 
  • It would be even AWESOMER if they kept their arms glued to their sides.
  • Me
Awkward and Awesome:

  • I saw this on Pinterest. HAHA!!

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Amy N. said...

Anna's kindergarten teacher is awesome! Seriously!

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