Friday, September 2, 2011

Awkward, Awesome and a little poor planning...

  • Sometimes I have a difficult time spitting out what I'm trying to say. Stuttering, possible spitting and a bright red face is the outcome. It's not pretty.
  • I don't really have anymore good ones, so I'll direct you to my friend, Amy's blog for her 'Awkward.' It seriously wins an award or something.

  • I had a 3 year old at my house last night for about 25 minutes while his Mom was at the church. He informed me that I'm a transformer because I turn fabric into blankets. Sweet!
  • After working in my bedroom for almost a week to make it less hoarder like, I am happy to say it is looking AWESOME!
  • My birthday party is in 49 days! Are you coming?
  • I'm done school supply shopping. We finished last night at 9:49pm. Almost a whole week early. That's the best I've ever done.
Poor planning:
  • There is a soda machine at a rest area in Idaho that takes 5 dollar bills. You get dollar coins in the change return. Those dollar coins do not fit in the change slot, so you can't buy more than one soda with that five dollar bill. Lame
  • Awkward and Awesome is supposed to be a Thursday post. Sorry.
okay, see you soon. I'm still feeling no pressure to update until the 7th. I may or may not see you again until them.

1 comment:

Amy N. said...

I love the transformer bit! Seriously awesome.

I'm coming to your birthday party!

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