Monday, September 12, 2011

Memory Monday

Yesterday after Stake Conference we went over to our friends house for lunch. The missionaries were there too.

One of our conversations was about swimming. If you had to swim in peanut butter would you choose chunky or creamy? That led to swimming in Nutella. Then syrup. That brought to my mind the show Duck Tales.

Do you remember that show? I used to watch it with Garen and Adam but I never would have admitted that to my friends at the Jr. High! Scrooge McDuck had to amazing talent to swim through his money vault and he even knew if one coin was missing!

Then one of the Elder's asked if we could remember the theme song to DuckTales. Ken sang out, WooHoo. If you know that show, you'll get that. I YouTubed Duck Tales and we listened to the theme song. I know, that's against the rules. I repented. But, because of this experience I got to thinking about some of my favorite cartoons from my childhood.

When I was in Elementary School I watched GI Joe, She-Ra, He-Man, Dumbo {best movie ever!} Thundercats, Inspector Gadget and a few more that slipped my brain just as I started typing the list. I loved those shows, but I really loved the cartoons my little brothers and sisters watched, sans Gargoyles and Power Rangers--which I am aware is not a cartoon but man is it painful.

Welcome to my Memory Monday, Best. Cartoon. Theme. Songs. EVER.
Don't you just love YouTube?!

This last one is not a cartoon but is has special meaning to me. The summer my Mom was pregnant with Kyle, everyday after lunch and this show was over, I took Garen, Adam and Gina to the library. I would watch the book reviews on Reading Rainbow and then go find those books and read them to Gina. We spent almost 2 hours there everyday that summer. I loved it!

The theme got a lot better in the '90s, didn't they?!

ps, I'd die before I had to swim in peanut butter, Nutella or syrup.

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Hoovy4 said...

I'd probably die while swimming in peanut butter, Nutella and syrup.

I'm too old to have watched any of those.

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