Friday, September 9, 2011

Memory Monday

Yes, I know it's Friday.

Welcome to my Memory Monday. Road Trips.

From Meridian/Boise, Idaho to Basin City, WA. (Grandma and Grandpa's house!)
  • I thought that was the longest trip of my LIFE! (It had been at that point.)
  • Progress Points on that trip were Karcher Mall, the cement plant, Baker, La Grande, Cabbage Hill, the bridge in Umatilla, the blue bridge in the Tri-Cities, the train yard and grandpas Harvestore grain silos.
  • I remember the when they built the second Umatilla Bridge. Because of that bridge I am scared of bridges. To. This. Very. Day. I am white knuckled when I drive over one.
  • I also remember when they built the new cement plant. (The old one sure is in ruins!)
Once we moved to Oregon our route changed a little...or almost completely.
  • Mom told me we were moving closer to Grandma and Grandpa. It was approximately 23 minutes closer. I didn't notice.
  • We stopped many times at the Dairy Queen in Umatilla for ice cream - both ways.
  • My favorite part of the drive was watching the mile posts. They were counting down to Portland and so I always knew how far we were without having to ask my Mom over and over. [This may have been her favorite part too.]
Other trips we went on:
  • Meridian to Rexburg. I remember a lot of bikers on one specific trip there. We were riding in a van and there were no seats in the back. Dad slowed down to talk to one of the bikers along the interstate. We also stopped at Craters on the Moon. It was really hot and Mom told us to keep moving so our shoes didn't melt. {This is the perception of a 3 or 4 year old btw.}
Bremerton to Utah 4 or 5 times...some of my memories include:
  • Staying at the RV park in Brigham City on two different trips.
  • You dirty rat! You killed my brother...{Quotes from TMNT for 15+ hours - gave my Dad a headache and made him want to cry-even though he doesn't remember it.}
  • The Piano Man...listened to over and over between quotes of TMNT.
  • BS in the backseat, using a Book of Mormon as the playing surface.
  • I learned how to eat the cookie first on a Twix, leaving the caramel. Thank you Garen. [I still eat them that way!]
  • Mom took us to Jackpot Nevada so we could say we've been there. Then we turned around and went back to Twin Falls.
  • That night we ate dinner at a cafe really late. Mom gave the waitress her tip before we ordered  because she felt bad. Best. Service. Ever.
One time while when we were leaving Yakima we broke right after we crossed that scary bridge...if you've been there, you know the one. Ryan hitch hiked back to town. A cop picked him up and a Pietro's Pizza delivery dude brought him back.

I'm sure there were more but this is what I remember right now. There may be a part two at some point. Be excited!

Happy Friday.

[Please note that these memories are mine. My perception is my reality. Your perception is your reality. If you disagree with some of the things I write here, that is okay but I don't need corrected. Instead I'd like to encourage you to write your own MM post about the same subject.]

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Gina Jill said...

I heart road trips. I want to go on another one. I miss having a working car. If I did i'd go on day trips all the time.
You dont stink.

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