Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bless His Heart

This is mi Padre. (Behind a love note I wrote to Gina.)
I love him mucho.
We have a great relationship.
Because of said relationship I reserve the right to mock him openly from time to time.

Last Friday I bought a roaster chicken on our way to the ward campout. Dad just so happened to buy one that night too. The next morning when we got home I had part of a chicken left over. Dad was telling me about his chicken. It was the chinsiest chicken he'd ever bought. He paid 4 dollars for it but it only had about 1.50 worth of meat on it. He left it in our fridge while we finished the big bird I bought. (Big Bird...) The next day I got his chicken out of the fridge to make a sandwich and I noticed something odd. Dad had picked all the meat off the back already. Weird. I examined further and noticed that the deli had put the chicken in upside down! The chicken breasts were perfectly intact and there was plenty of meat. Bless Dad's heart, he didn't know his chicken was upside down.

Speaking of eating the big bird...

1 comment:

Hoovy4 said...

I like your dad.

and I think Big Bird would taste yummy!

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