Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Attending the ward camp out at a local church property.
Bad Idea: Deciding you only need one blanket while you sleep outside in the windy jungle. Nicole Roylance froze last Friday.

Good Idea: Watching a movie with your spouse.
Bad Idea: Watching Miracle, Rudy and The Notebook. {I know this is kind of a re-run, but I can't tell you how much I truly loathe these movies. I want to accidentally destroy them maliciously.} 

Good Idea: End of Summer and Beginning of Fall parties!

Good Idea: Sewing! I love creating something new. I made 6 more 9 patch blocks last night and two more 36 patch block. All have red in them.
Bad Idea: Sewing Woes: Bobbins running out and needles breaking. Both give me a headache and make me want to cry.

Good Idea: Watching this YouTube Video. It came to my mind as I was thinking about creating last night.

Have a good day!


Marie Martin said...

I've been teaching Aubrey to sew and she told me sewing would be so much more fun if we didn't have to keep stopping because the needle/thread/bobbin was messed up. I totally agree!

Hoovy4 said...

I will "accidentally destroy them maliciously" for you. The Notebook first. I haven't seen it and I can't stand it.

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