Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinwheel Tutorial

Last night while I couldn't sleep I was thinking about pinwheels. The thought came to my mind on how to make a pinwheel super quickly and easily. {Was that proper English? don't know, don't care} I tried it this morning and it worked beautifully!

NOTE: I have never seen this technique done before, so if it has been, that means 2 things.

  1. Great minds think alike.
  2. I reinvented the wheel. Genius!
  3. See #1.
I couldn't get all my photos to rotate...

Take 2 9" squares.

 With right sides together, sew ALL FOUR sides together using a 1/4 inch seam.

 Take your ruler and draw a line diagonally across one side of the block.

 Cut a line on the OPPOSIDE diagonal of the block.

 Line up your ruler with the penciled line you made previously and cut large triangles apart.

 Press seams towards the dark fabric. ]My iron is broken right now so I skipped that step. DO NOT skip that step!]
 See the little tails at the end of the seam on the right hand block? Cut them off. You may need to click on this picture to get a better look.
 Open all 4 blocks and place them in the pinwheel formation.
Take two blocks and sew them together. Then repeat on the other two blocks.

Before you make the final seam, it is a good idea to clip the corner of each block that you are sewing together. If you choose not to, your machine will be going through 8 pieces of fabric and the finished block may lay funny.
Finally, sew together and them iron. Finished block size is just over 10 inches. You can trim it to 10 inches, or we can when we're ready to use them.
Easy Peasy!

Are you going to participate in our quilt along/swap?

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Bearded Lady said...

I have been strictly crocheting in my crafting right now because, well it's making me money but I've always wanted to get into sewing quilts. They are so gorgeous but frankly I find the thought even to be tedious. I love that you simplified the process here. Really cool! I will admit that there are certain things that I would love to do (scrapbooking, quilting etc) that I just can't find the time or the patience. I have a sewing machine and love sewing but never find the time or the right project to get me excited. I may have to try a quilt here. Thanks for the inspiration.

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