Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fire and a Minion x 5.

Matthew is a little gardener. He grew potatoes-4 of them. Last night while Ken and I were at the super market he decided it would be a good idea to microwave his last potato for a little snack.

It. Caught. On. Fire. 

 Looks like he nuked dog poop, doesn't it?!! HAHA

Here is what Nicole and Matthew learned from the experience:

  • Nicole is not calm or collected during an emergency situation. {She gets that from her mother.}
  • Matthew has a difficult time getting out of the bathroom in an emergency situation-he almost shed his shorts and ran out commando. {There was a fire!}
  • We need a new fire extinguisher.
  • Febreeze does not get rid of burnt potato and fire smell.
  • That is all
Don't worry. It turned out alright and we know that was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father.

Have you watched Despicable Me? I LOVE that movie! Do you like this hat?

Source: etsy.com via Dedra on Pinterest

I just ordered 5 of them from a gal in our ward. The Cheney's are going to be minions for Halloween. It's going to be amazing. You want a hat too? Order from Stephanie Beard! http://beeinyourbonnethats.blogspot.com/


Amy N. said...

to post pictures of pins from pinterest you can go to embed on the right side of the picture and copy the code, then paste it in the HTML tab of the place where you write your post (whatever that screen is called).

Vanessa said...

I love that hat. It is excellent. I have heard to get rid of a burned smell you can put vinegar on a rag and wave it around in the air. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like it is worth a try. It is very funny.

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