Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another birthday post.

okay, so I've received a complaint about Gina's birthday post - not from Gina.  How can I talk so much about her and tease her so much and then only give you two fun facts about her that aren't even that fun?!  Seriously!! So Gina bina is 25 years old. Here are 25 more fun facts about the little lady lou.

  1. Gina lives in Orem, Utah.
  2. She takes all our family pictures.
  3. She loves orange juice.
  4. I've received phone calls at almost every hour of the day/night from her. Sometimes they are exciting and sometimes there are tears, but I love it when my phone rings and it's Gina.
  5. I feel younger when we hang out...and more immature.
  6. She make good crackpot cake.
  7. She has over 200 pairs of socks and they are all crazy and different. No whites or solids.
  8. She can knit and crochet.
  9. She can't tell a joke. She just giggles, hyper-ventilates and ends up telling the punchline.
  10. She is in love with Donny Osmond. She attends his ward periodically and insults him sometimes. She also went trick or treating at his house and met his children.
  11. Her hair doesn't grow very fast.
  12. Gina is not adopted.
  13. Gina cut her hair when she was about 5 years old. She found scissors, knew she shouldn't cut her hair but wanted to see what would happen. So she cut a large chunk off at the scalp, right about her ear. It fell to the floor, she picked it back up and put it on top of her head then went about her business. Mom saw her, asked her if she cut her hair, she denied it, mom called her a little sh** and then fixed that haircut...into a mullet.
  14. We use to exercise in our room. We would get really sweaty and then rest and eat beef jerky.
  15. Gina cuts hair like a ninja.
  16. She has thousands of self portraits on her hard drive. She really loves taking pictures of herself.
  17. When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up, live in Provo and cut hair at the MTC. Gina lived my dream job.
  18. She loves smores.
  19. She likes Journey, Dashboard Confessional and Weezer.
  20. Gina hates voice mails. Her message on her phone tells you not to leave one. She won't get it. Just text her. (Send me an email and I'll give you her phone number...for a dollar.)
  21. She hates her birthday because it's the day before the anniversary of our Grandma Price dying. That's why I celebrate it on Valentine's Day.
  22. She knows all her friends on facebook personally, except for one.
  23. She hates pink and sparkles.
  24. Gina likes to sing.
  25. She's a pretty good little sister. I heart her mucho.

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Gina Jill said...

I heart ou mucho too!

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