Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Special Experience

Today I met Adam and Casandra at the Portland Temple to do a session. Nicole came with me to watch Kaylee. While we were waiting for them to arrive we waited in the foyer area. I saw a small older man who was bent over and walking slowly arrive. He was not an attractive man but you could tell he was happy.

A little while later I went down to the cafeteria to get a muffin for Nicole and the same brother was in line too. He has 3-- 1/2 sandwiches and a bowl of soup on his plate. I went around him while he was grabbing dessert and as I passed with an 'excuse me' we exchanged good mornings. He was very kind.

This sweet man was in our session. When it came time for the prayer he went up but didn't have a partner. I noticed him standing there a little bit timid, next to my brother and his wife. The officiater asked for another sister and I immediately stood up and joined him. As I stood next to him I looked over, we made eye contact and I smiled at him. He glowed. The light of Christ radiated from him.

This brother spoke with confidence and had a firm hand.

When the prayer ended I looked back to him and he said thank you and hugged me. I teared up a little.

It was the neatest prayer I'd ever had the opportunity to participate in.
Sometimes Heavenly Father blesses me to be able to see one of children the way sees them. Each time it has happened, something within me changes and grows for the better. Today was no exception. That brother was a tender mercy in my life.

I had to share because I don't want to forget how I felt.

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