Monday, May 2, 2011

Plans for world domination: part dos

Okay, so we haven't actually accomplished everything on list numero uno yet. (That is Spanish for number one.) BUT, we do have a few other things we need to start working on:
  1. We need an evil lair to work from. (Gina, get your crap out of Dad's shed.)
  2. Have a major Cinco de Mayo party to celebrate my Mexican heritage. (Okay, I don't have any Mexican heritage but I don't have any African American heritage either and my family has a bash every Martin Luther King Jr weekend. and...I really like nachos.)
  3. Dear Spencer, Can you build us some bombs and stuff? Please, Gina says your pretty. smart.
  4. Darcy, you're invited too. I see you're having trouble making your evil plans work.
  5. Collect the passwords of many facebook and blog accounts. (I actually have a nice start to this collection.)
  6. that is all.


Kate said...

i could probably hack into nella's facebook account and get her info. muahahahahahhaha. Pauls too. I doubt you will guess mine. (the password has the word 'poop' in it. I am ultra mature and sophisticated.)

I also wrote this under the extreme influence of massive amounts of chocolate.

Gina Jill said...

Dedra have no fear. I already hacked kate's accounts. I'm awesome! I'm moving this summer. I'm get my crap out of Dad's house and shed soon!

Amy N. said...

I will give you my facebook password for some nachos.

Gina Jill said...

Can I just have nachos? I'm nice!

Nicole said...

I want nachos

Darcy said...

Me likey Cinco de mayo and nefarious plans! As we know I am great at making plans it's executing them that I have problems with. Lets get together and eat some nachos while we clean Gina's stuff from our soon to be evil headquarters :)

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