Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

  • I was talking to my Dad on the phone and after a while he was mentioned he had misplaced his phone. He really needed it so he could plug it in to charge for the night. I told him he was talking on it. 
  • Every time I attend my home ward someone calls me Sister Anderson. I don't immediately recognize they are speaking to me. They say it again, I kind of point to myself like a dummy and they nod. It is special.  The especially fun ones are when people that didn't even know me when I was an Anderson do it. This weekend I didn't even know the woman. Awkward.
  • One of my children who shall remain nameless started asking me personal hygiene questions while we were shopping at WinCo, in the personal hygiene section, with others close by in hearing distance.  I like to be seen and not heard when at the super market and I couldn't shush the child quickly enough. We resumed the conversation in the car on the way home.
  • Sometimes I snort when I laugh. It happened twice this week.
  • The computer I'm typing this on is hanging onto life by a very thin thread. The monitor is shattered, the 'piping' around the screen is hanging or swaying, the enter key is missing, it's been dropped about 15 times and even though the chord is plugged in and charging, there is no indication. It's rad. 
  • The word rad. I love it but I feel like a nerd when I use it.
  • rad
  • Me.
  • After listening to Celtic Thunder for almost 3 years, Nicole has discovered them. She LOVES them and we've been listening to them constantly for the past couple days. Same old songs she's been hearing for 3 years but all of the sudden it is acceptable music to her. I LOVE IT!
  • I'm on track to finish the Book of Mormon on June 30. So my goal for reading it twice this year is very likely going to happen! Hooray!
  • Amy Nelson. She plays to organ for me with little notice and is a writer on the MMB too. Read her blog and her MMB posts. (I fired myself as her stalker, so the least I can do it try to persuade my 4 readers to check her blog out too.)
  • My cousin, Darcy, is in Ohio right now with all her siblings and her parents, who are divorced, to attend her brother's wedding. It's the first time in years they've all been together and I'm really happy for her.
  • Mike and Amy in the morning on 99.5 The Wolf - KWJJ in Portland Oregon. You can listen to them from 6-9 in the morning. I stream them to my phone using FlyCast. I love them. Mucho.
Awkward and Awesome:
It's a spaghetti taco. Matthew made it after watching an episode iCarly a couple years ago. He said it was awesome. I'm not so sure...


Gina Jill said...

I think dad should be on both sides of this list. I heart him not knowing where is phone was. Haha

Amy N. said...

I may or may not forget where things I'm using are frequently.

Trishelle said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Awkward vs. Awesome...makes me laugh every time.

I happen to think your snorts are AWESOME! And you, well that should go in the awesome category too. I also agree with you on the spaghetti taco...that might be a toss-up

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