Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Gina,

Today I sent you a message on my phone while I was on the way to the beach. Does this picture look familiar??! It's my angry/bossy face and I said, "Come visit me!"

When I got to the beach I fully expected you to be there to great me.

You weren't there.

This is what (Dad and) I have to say to that!

The End.

Said Dedra


Gina Jill said...

I asked for a ride and you didn't come get me I'm not lame! You are!!!

Dedra said...

Gina, that is why Spencer came over. He was supposed to drop you off. That photo is now for him too.

Ryan Anderson said...

I didn't even get an invite. Gina and Spencer are lame for not going. Dedra is lame for not inviting me.


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