Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Monday

Ryan. Big Brother Extraordinaire. (He has a blog!! He started it last week and I'm a little reluctant to share it with you because there will be so much fuel on it for my own blog, but I think you need to check it out. He wants followers. and gifts.)

Gina and I were on the phone the other day talking about what a stinkpot Ryan is (In a good way) and we collectively decided to devote this weeks Memory Monday to Ryan. My only big brother, Gina's oldest big brother. okay. here we go...

  • Ryan used to rub dandelions on my face until my skin turned yellow and then told me they used them to make butter.
  • Ryan was the worst babysitter ever. Dad used to be a police man so when Mom and Dad left Ryan in charge, he would find the handcuffs and cuff two of us to the rod iron railing in the house. I'd get one on my wrist, he'd wrap it through the railing and then cuff Garen or Adam. When our parents pulled into the driveway, he'd uncuff us. Sometimes we'd run to the bathroom as soon as he was put in charge and lock ourselves in by pulling the drawers open so he could unlock the door. When Gina came along, he would just put her on top of the fridge.
  • He told me that tape turned into skin if you left it on your arm for more than 3 days.
  • I went on a trip with him to Rexburg, Idaho for his Mission President's homecoming talk. On the way back to Washington, he missed a turn and didn't know it until we saw the sign the said, 'Welcome to Utah.'
  • He always calls me Scrub.
  • Once he was driving us down Island Lake road in the evening. He took a turn to quickly, slammed on the brakes and ran into a stop sign, knocking it over. When we got stopped, we noticed there was a car to the right of us, who had slid into the ditch too. Ryan just put the car in reverse, got us unstuck and we went on our way.
  • He taught me how to drive a stick.
  • He gave me 2 shirts when I was in high school for the price of ironing his work shirts until he moved out. Basically I was an indentured servant.
  • He smuggled balut home from the Phillipines and Ryan, my b.i.l. Larry and I ate it. It was alright but I probably won't eat it again.
  • Ryan and Heather are 16 months apart. He tried to explain to me that he and Heather were the same age for 4 months, every 4 years. Something about Grandma Anderson being born on Leap Year. It was his explanation as to why I couldn't hang out with them (because I was younger than him and why Heather could-even though she was younger than him too.) At 5 years old, I know he was lying.
  • When we picked Ryan up from the airport from his mission, we weren't even to the car yet and he asked Dad if he knew I had my ears pierced a second time. He hadn't even been with us 15 minutes. tattle tale! (Dad did know-but was not happy about it.)
  • He was just released from being the Bishop. Now that he is sitting with is family on Sundays again, he has decided to take a different bench in the chapel each week, as a way to continue ticking people off I guess. People really do get territorial about their church benches!
The End. I heart Ryan. He doesn't stink.  Actually - He does.


Gina Jill said...

Hey Dedra, I think we have an awesome brother named Ryan. I was trying to think of something to say that would be funny but all I can think is that I heart Ryan mucho! He's sorta my favorite brother over 6 feet tall.

Gina Jill said...

Adam 5"5
Garen 5"8
Kyle 5"11
Ryan 6"2

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

this is awesome! ;) I love my big brothers, one of them calls me "Geevy" and told me that raisins were made of dead flies... it took me until high school to be able to eat raisins!

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